Squid Games is the newest and most popular series in the history of Netflix. It revolves around players competing for massive amounts of money to pay off debt, with deadly consequences.

What does this have to do with SEO? A lot actually!

Knowledge, research, strategy, and consistency are all traits that will get you ahead in both Squid Games and SEO. Lets take a look at 3 specific things Squid Games can teach us about SEO.

***Spoiler Alert***  If you have not seen Squid Games, there may be spoilers below!

1. Knowledge Is Crucial.
Throughout the series a major emphasis is placed on the knowledge of what game will be next. Knowing what game is next allows for research of the game rule. It also allows you to carefully select your team, or position in line.

This is relatable to SEO in that knowing what trends are happening can greatly increase your chances at a successful blog post or campaign. A great example is this article you are reading right now! Squid Games is trending, and linking the show tropes to SEO is amazing for Google ranking and click thru rates. Always seek out knowledge on future trends to help secure your success.

2. Your Enemies can be your Greatest Allies

Far too often in the SEO world, you will come across a competitor who just seems to have it all together. It’s easy to get imposter syndrome, or feel like just giving up. But, before you hit that big red button, take notes. In Squid games, there is a recurring trope involving enemies becoming friends and vice versa. Several times an individuals “enemy” ends up being the very reason they were able to survive!

Competitor research and healthy competition are key in all SEO marketing. Find who is ranking for your top keywords, and see how they are doing it! If they have a 1 page website filled with how-to images and bullet points…you should emulate them.

They have backlinks from your local chamber of commerce or a popular local directory? Then chances are…you should too! Embrace the competition and learn from your enemies. Sometimes, you can even develop a friendly relationship to pick up extra work they don’t have time to fulfill!

3. Give them an Offer they Can’t Refuse

In the beginning of Squid Games, there is the famous paper game. Slam the paper on the ground hard enough and you win a stack of money! It’s almost too good to pass up a deal like that. Once you get someone hooked, give them little nudges, micro affirmations they are on their way to getting exactly what they want.

In SEO, you want to do this exact thing. You want to hook someone in with strong content they cannot refuse, then give them little bits of extra interesting information to keep them clicking along to the next page.

Click through rates, site visit time, and number of pages visited all effect your SEO. Google is watching these metrics, and you should be too. Don’t immediately scare your visitors away with overbearing buy now buttons everywhere. Nudge them along to slam that paper 1 more time…and another…and another…until you have them locked in!


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