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KIHM is a leader in metal spinning, hydro forming, and complex machining of exotic alloy-based components for the aerospace, defense, and power generation markets.

We are serious about our commitments, great communication, and being as flexible as possible in meeting the needs of our customers.


Work with our team of designers to plan for the optimal design that meets your needs, while increasing the manufacturability.


Your R&D team will work directly with our production team to assist with creation of custom tooling, and prototyping projects.


Our wide range of services, under one roof, enables us to provide you with a complete solution to your manufacturing needs.


Our Advanced Processes

Our expertise spans across multiple areas—read more about each of our offered processes below.

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KIHM specializes in manual metal spinning which forms symmetrical hollow geometries such as cylinders, cones or hemispherical shapes.

complex machining
Production 100%

Our team of experienced engineers and skilled machinists are dedicated to bringing your designs to life with unparalleled accuracy and precision.

Production 100%

Our state-of-the-art hydroforming facilities are equipped with the latest technology, allowing us to transform exotic metals into intricate, lightweight structures that boast exceptional strength and durability.

Production 100%

KIHM is NADCAP approved to utilize both 6-axis CO2, and 6-axis Fiber Laser technology to provide value added services complementary to our hydro forming and metal spinning processes.

Production 100%

We ensure a seamless and efficient experience for all your orders by utilizing our state-of-the-art E2 Manufacturing System™. From initial inquiry to final delivery, we provide you with unparalleled control.

Production 100%

KIHM utilizes manual TIG and automatic plasma welding processes, which are NADCAP approved as well as customer special process approved.

Production 100%

 Leveraging our wide range of capabilities, we offer project-specific solutions designed to ensure precision, efficiency, and quality in all our services. Our in-house tooling and fixturing capabilities enable us to significantly reduce project turnaround times.


Our unique combination of experience and innovation enables us to bring metal forming solutions in a collaborative way to provide our customers with the best fit/best value solution.

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Unrivald Expertise

Our team of seasoned professionals and commitment to excellence and passion for innovation ensure that we consistently deliver exceptional solutions tailored to your needs.

Our highly qualified staff of skilled engineers, technicians, and support are the backbone of our success.

Our efficient workflows and production processes maximize productivity, resulting in faster turnaround times and better performance.

Our approach to R&D involves closely working with your team to jointly develop solutions that enhance both quality and manufacturability.

Our investment in modern technology enables us to deliver high-quality, precision-engineered components.

We use the finest quality materials in our manufacturing processes to ensure durability, & reliability.

With KIHM as your partner, you can trust that your needs and requirements will be met with the prompt attention they deserve.

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Professionalism and skill are core to our integrity and identity as a business.

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