Welding Services

Depend on our NADCAP and customer-approved manual TIG and automatic plasma welding processes. At KIHM, we have the equipment and expertise to provide high-quality welding services, including weld planishing for consistent weld thickness.

Our deep understanding of materials, particularly exotic alloys, allows us to achieve “X-ray” quality welds. We have experience in processing and developing welds for materials such as Nickel-based alloys, Cobalt Chromium, and Haynes.

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Our process

Flawless and reliable process

KIHM’s welding services combine advanced technology and experienced craftsmanship to provide superior quality results.


Understanding your needs

We start by understanding your needs and selecting the most suitable welding process.


Quality Assurance

Our experienced welders ensure each weld meets our high standards, including achieving “X-ray” quality for exotic alloys.



We use weld planishing equipment to ensure consistent weld thickness across your project.

Welding Experts

Experience superior welding services at KIHM. Our NADCAP approved manual TIG and automatic plasma welding processes ensure top-quality results. If you are searching for expert solutions in “Welding Services,” “TIG Welding,” “Plasma Welding,” “Exotic Alloy Welding,” or “Weld Planishing,” trust KIHM to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our experienced team is capable of handling materials like Nickel-based alloys, Cobalt Chromium, and Haynes, delivering “X-ray” quality welds. Our seamless process, from understanding your needs to ensuring consistency through weld planishing, is designed to provide you with high-quality, reliable results.

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