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Wabash Marketing takes a hands-on approach to your social media pages.

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The Breakdown

A list of beneficial details we do to make sure your social media platforms work with you, not against you. 


Knowing when to publish social media posts, creating relatable content and seeing which platforms work best for your company, is crucial in gaining customer relationships. If majority of your consumers are teens and college students, focusing on Instagram and Twitter instead of Facebook, will drastically help increase brand awareness. Knowing audience demographics will help your company see which platforms are most beneficial. We do the research that tells you what time and specific days your audience is most active, as well as create content that has a resonating purpose. 


Each post we create is designed specifically for your business needs. You can shout your talents to 1,000 random followers and not receive any leads, but if you focus on gaining a following of your targeted audience, whether that be business to business or business to consumer, you can showcase your company to 500 followers and receive profiting leads. B2B or B2C, we help you build relationships that are right for your business. 


Chances are if you’re posting on social platforms just to keep an active page, you’re not gaining much of a following. Sharing content that is built to get attention is great, if done right. We create contests, promotions, events, anything we believe that will get attention to your page. Having contests where people need to like, share and tag their friends to be entered to win a prize, is an easy and successful way of getting your business noticed and gaining client engagements. 


Having an event or crazy good deal coming up soon? We can promote posts and run targeted ads that will reach hundreds of potential customers. We can also create multiple posts per day that highlight the event or promotion in the first sentence to grab readers attention and continue the awareness. We then research and submit our event content to local and surrounding news stations and community calendar listings to promote the event even further! We may be able to even get you an interview or two!


Each post we create has a call-to-action and an image or link. Creating just a regular post will do nothing but get lost in the online world. Having a standout image or a link to your site grabs your followers eyes and boosts awareness. Telling your followers to “stop in today” or “call us for more details” with your phone number in each post also makes it easier for your audience to contact you. They’ll also appreciate not having to search for your contact info.


We know your life is busy. Which is why we take control of all your social posts, if you let us that is. No more worrying about fallling behind on publishing shareable content! We create a month long schedule of daily posts and once you approve them, we schedule them out accordingly.  

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Email Marketing

Did you know you can integrate email marketing with your social media? You need to be an all star in content, email and social media to reach all aspects of your target audience. We save you time and help you reach your audience with our integration opportunities.

Team Training

We train your employees on social media literacy and policy. Your employees will be given guidance on competitors and company discussions, privacy settings, your company’s social media policy, and more.

Social Media Management

What’s the point of having a social media page if you’re not active? We keep your pages alive by particpating in social conversations, tracking social analytics and your engagement.


Social media and SEO are a match made in heaven when used to your advantage. Both revolve around engagement. We create posts that consumers find useful to share. Leading to Google ranking the engagement.


You don’t want your social posts to be misworded or misspelled, right?Neither do we. We proofread all posts to make sure your company sounds professional and educated. Always.

Audience Analytics

Making sure you’re reaching your target audience is crucial in having a successful business. We track what social platforms your consumers are using, their demographic and behavior, to target your ideal audience with content they’ll share.

Website Development

Incorporating social media into your website is a must. Times are changing and if your company isn’t advertising your social media, you’ve already been left behind. We help your social platforms get recognized on your site, while also creating a social media friendly web design.

Brand Design & Strategy

We help your company see what social platforms are the most beneficial for your brand, continue brand consistency, connect with influencers and develop your voice through culture, audience and authenticity.

Success Stories

We created email campaigns for each target audience to make Graphic FX more relatable and personalized to their consumers.

Putting social icons on each newsletter also established credibility and converted into a bigger social following.

Graphic FX

Email Marketing

We created a monthly calendar of social posts that were scheduled out for each day, saving tons of time.

Each daily post had a call to action, graphic and description of their services to heighten brand awareness and customer engagement.

Terre Haute Fitness Center

Social Media Marketing

Train 2 Xcel was adamant on being known as the experts in their industry. We focused on this strategy through their website, social and newsletters.

By redesigning their website, social posts and emails to showcase their attributes, world-renowned coaches and affiliates, they were able to show and explain why they are the experts.

Train 2 Xcel

Brand Design & Strategy

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