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Wabash Marketing takes a hands-on approach to your social media pages.

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Email Marketing

The sole purpose of email marketing is to bring consumers to your website. If your website is outdated and difficult to use, potential clients have already left. We redesign your website to give your target audience an easy and accessable way to view your products, attributes and contact information.

Team Training

We’ll help your employees understand the importance of website applications, coding, best security practices and more. Having a team that knows the basics of website development makes it easier for your company to keep moving forward.

Social Media Management

Let’s face it, a large amount of consumers see your brand on social media first. Social media allows for your company to establish credibility and have consistent branding. We make sure your website and social media platforms are always up-to-date and synchronized for brand reliability.


SEO is the heart of a creditable website. Your design has a dramatic impact on how Google ranks it. The better user experience, the higher your company is during search results. We’ll create a website this is search engine friendly, has ranked high quality content and has a significantly low bounce rate, to achieve SEO and design compatibility.


Copywriting is important when designing a website. Without great content your website design is just decoration. We’ll make sure the content and design move with the grain, not against it.

Audience Analytics

If you don’t make analytics-friendly design decisions, your website will work against you. Resulting in receiving insights that could harm the traction of your company. We’ll design your website in a way that lets your company see the behavior of your audience.

Website Development

This contains things like frameworks, HTML and CSS preprocessors. In other words, having all the code that makes a website work. Website development can be split into front-end and back-end. It can be quite crucial and time consuming to make sure both ends work together. That’s where we come in.

Brand Design & Strategy

It’s important for your business to keep a consistent brand. Having the same image on your website and all social platforms is one way you build credibility. We help your company figure out what designs and networks are best for brand consistency, strategy and profitability.

Success Stories

We created email campaigns for each target audience to make Graphic FX more relatable and personalized to their consumers.

Each campaign had a different landing page specifically designed for that newsletter. This lead to consistency, credibility and user friendly management.

Graphic FX

Email Marketing

Majority of Terre Haute Fitness Center members see their social media page before the website.

Every social post published had a call to action, a description of their services and a link to their website to establish brand consistency, awareness and bring consumers to their synchronized website. Which turned viewers into members.

Terre Haute Fitness Center

Social Media Management

Train 2 Xcel was adamant on being known as the experts in their industry. We focused on this strategy through their website, social and newsletters.

By redesigning their website, social posts and emails to showcase their attributes, world-renowned coaches and affiliates, they were able to show and explain why they are the experts.

Train 2 Xcel

Brand Design & Strategy